110% Play Harder Compression Review

Happy Monday everyone! I mentioned last week on my twitter that I’d received some awesome 110% Play Harder Compression gear while at my conference! The conference I went to was for athletic trainers. There are several educational sessions there, but there’s also a LARGE expo. This is like a marathon expo but for only injury prevention/recovery/performance type things. Basically I was like a kid in a candy shop! The other great thing about this expo is that several vendors are willing to give away their product if they feel you have influence over your company purchasing supplies from them. They must have felt I had influence, because I made out with some awesome samples! The best of all though was Compression Knickers by 110% Play Harder!! I was so excited that this company was at the expo because I’ve been longing after their products for quite some time!image (43)

Compression knickers are kind of a cross between shorts and capris because they go just below the knee. Putting them on is similar to putting on a wet suit if you’ve ever done that! It takes some time…but once they’re on, they feel great! image (44)

The best part about these knickers though is they have pockets throughout each leg and they came with their own ice packs that can be inserted into the pockets! Basically it’s like a mobile ice bath! Also, though the knickers came in a freezer bag which will insulate the ice packs for up to 6 hours! This means I can bring them to a race and use them after!! Another perk is the ice packs can be thawed out and then heated in the microwave so they can be used PRE-competition!

To "activate" the ice packs, just soak them in water 5 minutes and then stick them in the freezer or microwave.

To “activate” the ice packs, just soak them in water 5 minutes and then stick them in the freezer or microwave.

Here’s how they look inside the knickers! I typically only get sore on my quads and IT bands, so that’s where I inserted the packs. However, they have pockets on the knees, hip flexors, hamstrings, and butt! Basically anywhere I want, I can stick an ice pack in! image (42)

Overall thoughts: 

  • Putting the knickers on is difficult and takes some time.
  • Once they are on, they feel super comfy!
  • The ice packs are cold, but not unbearable.
  • You can still walk around like normal with the ice packs in! No, you don’t feel like you’re waddling!
  • I wore them last night after a workout. My IT bands had been tight from all the driving lately. This morning, I have no tightness!

Do you have any compression gear that you love? Tell me all about it!

Disclaimer: Although 110% Play Harder did give me the compression knickers, they were not aware that I would be doing a review on them. All of these thoughts are my own and I am not receiving any compensation from them.

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