16 week update Round #2

Here we are at pregnancy round #2 and I’m already at 16 weeks! I’m going to try and do weekly “bump-dates” like I did last time, so here’s my first one. In case you’re super surprised right now, here’s the post where I announced the pregnancy :)

How I’m feeling: I’m actually feeling pretty good overall! The 1st trimester was a little rough with nausea and fatigue, but not nearly as bad as my first pregnancy! With my first pregnancy, I threw up every morning without fail, but so far with this pregnancy, that’s only happened twice; mostly I just felt sick every day all day. However, once I hit the 14 week mark, that all pretty much went away! And around 15 weeks, my energy returned just in time for the final few weeks before work gets back up and running! I’ve been accomplishing a lot each day trying to squeeze as much as possible into the last few weeks of summer!

Size: feel like I’m a lot bigger at this stage than with my first pregnancy, but then I compare pictures, and they look very similar, so that might just be my poor memory. I’m still wearing all of my regular clothes, and the “baggy” ones still hide that I am pregnant.

Exercise: I have a regular routine still of running and biking 3x a week and swimming and lifting 1x a week. However, the intensity has…..ceased…haha. I run 5 miles each on my weekly runs, and then a 10 mile run on Saturdays. The pace is slow. Slower than this point in my pregnancy last time. BUT, I feel great! I remember running being slightly uncomfortable at this stage last pregnancy, so I’ll take slowness along with the comfort. :) Biking, I do about an hour each ride, but at very low wattage. For my lifting, I’ve gone back to all of the lifts and weights that I did last pregnancy. As far as swimming goes, I have actually been able to keep doing speed workouts, though a bit slower. I feel great swimming, and just get out of breath a little quicker than normal. Other than that, things are going well!

So that’s the update for this week! Next week, I have my next OB appointment where we might find out the gender of baby Stedge 2.0!

16 week bump!

16 week bump!


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