17 weeks round #2

17 weeks! Man, they always say after your 1st pregnancy, the others fly by, but it’s true; I feel like this pregnancy is going so fast! I start back to work this coming week too, so then it’ll really go fast! Here’s my 17 week bump-date though:

Exercise: Still running, biking, and swimming super comfortably! I haven’t had to start wearing my support band for running yet even! I’m still lifting too, and I added in an additional day of doing T25 in place of one biking day.

How I’m feeling: Honestly, I feel great right now! I rarely have nausea and when I do, it’s minor and goes away once I eat. I have most of my energy back now, and I’m not feeling TOO large. I tell people if I didn’t look down and see my belly, I wouldn’t even know I’m pregnant! I am starting to feel baby move a little from the inside, but nothing I can feel from the outside yet.

Weight gain: 6 lbs already! This baby is measuring MUCH larger than Zoe was at this stage, so I guess that explains the increased weight gain.

Appointments: I had what was supposed to be the dr. appointment where we found out baby’s gender this week, but baby was being stubborn and wouldn’t uncross it’s legs. So, gender is still a mystery! I have my guess as to which it is though. :) So now we will find out NEXT visit which is in 4 weeks.

Clothes: I can still fit into all of my normal clothes, but some of them are snug or look bad due to my belly protruding. I can wear my maternity clothes, but they make my belly look larger than it is, so I’m avoiding that still. :)

Upcoming races: I have my next race a week from today! It’s a half marathon that I signed up for back in the winter before knowledge of future baby. It’ll be a slower one for me, but I still feel fine enough to run it, so I’m going to try and have fun!

So there’s my quick update for you! Here’s my 17 week picture, and the link to 17 weeks last pregnancy for comparison. :)IMG_6978

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