18 weeks Round #2

Hey everyone! Here we are, somehow already at 18 weeks! Somehow, I was thinking all week long that I was only at 17 weeks, and didn’t realize it was 18 until I got my little pregnancy update email from my phone app! HA! So, big news this week, is I am now back to work full time! We had our week of meetings, and now starting Monday, classes begin! It is going to be a CRAZY semester with me teaching FIVE classes! Yikes… But anyway, on with the update!

Exercise: I’ve been feeling great with all of my workouts this week! Still 3 days a week of running (5 miles during the week, and then this week, I had my half marathon), biking 2 days a week now so that I can do a day of T25 because at this point, I feel like that’s more beneficial for me to get some short, fast paced activity. I did one day of lifting as well, and then a swim day. At this point last year, I was having to wear compression shorts and band in order to run comfortably, but I literally have no discomfort running in my regular running gear so far!

How I’m feeling: Seriously, overall, great! I had a couple days this week where I felt queasy cuz I waited too long to eat, but other than that, I don’t even notice I’m pregnant.

Weight gain: Uhhhh according to the scale mid- afternoon yesterday, I had gained 8lbs! This is a BIG baby!

Appointments: 3 more weeks till my next visit, and hopefully finding out baby’s gender!

Clothes: Still plugging away in my “normal” clothes. I can still button all of my pants, though some are less comfortable than others! Shirts, I opt toward more “flowy” shirts because I’m still trying to hid the bump since it’s in the “awkward” phase of people not being sure if I’m pregnant or just chunky :)

Races: Had a half marathon today! I’ll make sure to post a race update on that separately.

Alright, so here’s the 18 week bump picture, and of course, my 18 week update from my last pregnancy.IMG_7001

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