2015 Preview

Happy 2015 everyone! I’m very excited about this year! If you checked out my race schedule, you can see I’ve got a lot of races planned out! I’ve also got some ideas for how I want to schedule my blog posts each week this year! I want my blog to be more organized and have specific things on specific days. Also, you’ll be able to search for my specific topics under each category. Here’s what I plan to do!

Sundays: I’ll resume my weekly updates.

Mondays: Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? In the movie, the character Julie decides to go through Julia Child’s cook book and make all the recipes. While doing so, she blogged about it. I’m going to take on a similar project, though not nearly as daunting! I’m going to do every recipe in a book I received last year called: Power Hungry, The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook. I plan to go through the book from start to finish and blog about each recipe! There are only about 34 recipes in the book, so I will do one per week (except holidays) until I’m finished! My first one will be next Monday!image-24Tuesdays: Last year, I participated in a blog link-up called Tri Talk Tuesday. I plan to get back into that link-up this year and blog about their themes each week. My first Tri Talk Tuesday will be next week.

Wednesdays: I will do blogs called “Workout Wednesdays” on these days in which I will update you on how my workouts are going and/or give tips for doing specific workouts. I may not write this blog every week, but when I do, it will be on Wednesdays!

Thursdays: These days will be when I post my race recaps! Obviously I won’t be racing every weekend, so I won’t have a recap every week, but every weekend that I race, the following Thursday will have a blog post on it.

Fridays: These days will be my Five things Friday posts! Occasionally, I’ll link up with a Friday Five group, or I’ll just post my own. It’ll be a fun, different day.

Saturdays: I will take the day off from blogging. Saturdays are busy training/racing days for me, so I don’t plan on doing any blog posts these days.

So that’s what my weekly blogging will look like in 2015! I’m excited, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my training/cooking/racing adventures!






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