22 Weeks: Pregnancy Round #2

As usual, this was a super busy week and weekend and I didn’t get a chance to fit in my regular bumpdate for you all! So here is a quick one because I know you all are excited to hear…….we found out the gender of baby Stedge! That’s right…..we had a fun gender reveal with our family and then with our friends. For our friends’ reveal, I bought a shirt for John that he was to wear under his hoody. When the cake was cut, revealing the color of the gender (pink for girl, blue for boy) he unzipped his hoody, and there was this shirt! IMG_7169

Yep, we are adding a baby BOY to our crazy family! It’s going to be an adventure for sure. :)

As far as the rest of the week went, it was a pretty successful one.  I felt great all week, had a great doctor’s appointment, and got in all of my planned workouts. I even got in my 10 mile run on Saturday! Not without some walking though :/ I did my usual 10 mile route of up a mountain 5 miles and then back down. It was going back down that I had to walk some of the steep parts so as not to jar my belly too much. Next week I’ll have to stick to flats and hopefully that will ensure that I can run the whole way. My legs feel great…it’s just that belly that gets in the way.

Anyway, a brief update for a full week! Hopefully I’ll be more prompt about my 23 week update!

I have another appointment this week: the targeted anatomy ultrasound.

Wish me luck on my workouts this week!IMG_7161

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