23 Weeks: Pregnancy Round #2!

Well, the baby bump really popped this week! I feel like I got huge! I still feel pretty good overall, but my back has started to get sore. I think it’s time for a trip to the chiropractor!

Here’s how my week went.

Exercise: My week of workouts was decent. I did T25 twice, biked twice, swam once (1,200yd), and ran 5 miles on Tues/Thurs and then tried for 10 today but only got 6. :/ My round ligament started hurting and there was no way I was going to make it through 10, so I just cut it short. I’m still feeling strong though, so I’m going to keep doing as much as I can!

How I’m feeling: Really good until yesterday when my back started to get sore. Again, I forget I’m pregnant until I run or look at my belly. :)

Weight gain: We are now at 9.6lbs! I’ve gained 3 more pounds in this pregnancy than I had by this point last pregnancy! That’s a boy for ya….it’s hard not to compare though and get concerned. Doctor says I’m right on track with my weight gain, so I’ll trust her!

Appointments: We had our targeted anatomy ultrasound this week that went great! Baby is now growing right on track according to his due date, so he tapered off a little which is a relief!

Clothes: Blah……clothes are annoying. My maternity shirts make me look huge and my maternity pants are still too big, so I wear leggings a lot. This makes me look like I have tiny legs and a huge huge huge belly….sigh…oh well. I CAN still fit into my prepregnancy clothes, but the waist of the pants ends up annoying my belly by the end of the day.

Races: Next race is on October 14th. I think it’s pretty certain that I’ll be dropping down to the 10k at this point. We’ll see if I can get into the chiropractor this week and if that changes things. But if not, 10k it is!

So that was my week! And here is my 23 week belly pic along with my one from last pregnancy as well!

23 weeks this pregnancy

23 weeks this pregnancy

compared to 23 weeks in my first pregnancy......definitely a difference

compared to 23 weeks in my first pregnancy……definitely a difference

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