33 Week Pregnancy Update Round #2

Happy Sunday! Man, this was a LONG week, and it had very little to do with the pregnancy. It was my last week of teaching for the year (next week is finals), and thus, it dragged on. I was also feeling pretty tired this week due to being pregnant, so there was that piece. However, the week ended well and I’m still feeling pretty great overall! Here’s much update for the week.

Exercise: I told hubby this week that I’ve felt better running during the third trimester than I did at all in my second trimester! Instead of getting harder and harder to run easy week, I’m getting more and more used to it! I’m going a turtle’s pace, but I’m comfortable and enjoying it! The only annoyance is that it’s getting really cold, so it’s annoying to have to put on a million layers. (since I’m running slow, I don’t bring my temperature up as much so I have to dress warmer than I typically would to run in these temps). Anyway, I successfully made it through all of my runs this week, including my 10 miler. Biking, I still managed to do an hour on the trainer twice this week. I did one day of swimming (which felt more like sinking!). Not really, but it was slow going and I got tired quick. This week, since I have less to do (hopefully), I plan to do a little more swimming. I only did one T25 workout because on Monday morning we woke up to our first snow of the year! It was enough that needed shoveling, so instead of doing T25, I figured I’d just shovel. It ended up being a pretty good workout!

How I’m feeling: My back kills for about 5 seconds every morning, but other than that, I feel pretty good. I’ve been having heartburn on a daily basis, which is annoying, but bearable. Also, as baby has started to get bigger, he’s pushing up under my ribs a little, so I’ve started to have occasional muscle spasms between my ribs. Pretty minor though, so I’m not complaining much. Overall, I feel really good.

Clothes: I refuse to buy more maternity clothes, so I’m getting creative with what I do have. Stretchy pants and my maternity short sleeve shirts with a sweater are my Go-to. Also, I don’t have a coat that buttons anymore, so I either suck it up and freeze, or wear hubs’ coat.

Races: I think they’re done for the year. Unless I can find one randomly around here. Let me know if you hear of any!

Appointments: I’m now on every two weeks, so I go in this week for another look at how baby’s growing!

Weight gain: Yesterday (granted after my long run), I weighed myself and I had a total of 14lbs of gain. However, at my dr. appointment last week (in the afternoon with my clothes and shoes on), it was 17lbs. So, not really sure.

So there’s my update for you! I’ll leave you with my 33week bump selfie!

33 Weeks!

33 Weeks!

Just for fun, here's 33 weeks with my first pregnancy

Just for fun, here’s 33 weeks with my first pregnancy

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