37 Weeks Pregnancy Update Round #2

37 Weeks……37 weeks?!?!?!?! That got here quick, eh? I was going to say “yay, I reached full term!”, but my little email I get every week told me that full term is technically 39 weeks….never heard that before but oh well. Either way, I figure I’ll go till at least 39 weeks like my last pregnancy, so I’m in no rush! Also, I’ve been feeling pretty good this week, so that helps! I have been checking things of my “to-do-before-baby-arrives” list this week too, which has been very rewarding! I meal-prepped 16 full meals on Wednesday, so that’s the last big thing to do before arrival!

Exercise: We are right where I want to be right now, so I’m super happy! Pregnancy has treated me well both times, for which I am grateful. I can still get through T25 workouts pretty well with doing the modifier options, and biking isn’t TOOOOO uncomfortable yet, so I’ve still gotten through an hour of biking each time this week. I didn’t get to swim this week though because I forgot the pool at work is closed for the week. :/ So I’ll have to get it in early next week. However, work will be pretty uneventful for me these next few weeks, so I’m hoping to get in a lot of swims each week! Running is still going like it should for the most part. I had a little hiccup on Tuesday because my back was SUPER sore from taking my toddler skiing the day before, so I only got a mile in before I felt like the baby was going to fall out of me! So, I walked the rest of the 4 miles because that felt fine. Thursday, though, I was feeling awesome and I ran 5 miles with no problems at all! I’m starting to re-vamp my “taper” plan and maybe just do however many miles I’m comfortable with which may mean not dropping down my mileage just yet. My 10 milers are over for now, but I don’t feel the need to drop down below 5 yet.

How I’m feeling: Right now, pretty good! I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday which helped A TON!! I was majorly out of alignment, and they got me back on track! I promised I would call early next week if I still had any issues because I do NOT want to go into labor already in pain….bad way to start.

Weight gain: At my appointment this week, I was up 2 lbs, making my total gain 19lbs. However, I then weighed myself yesterday on my scale at home, and it said I had only gained a total of 3lbs HAHA! CLEARLY my scale malfunctioned.

Appointments: We had another great appointment this week! I go in every week now until baby is born, yay me. Thankfully, they’ve been on time for appointments lately, so it’s not much of a hassle! Baby is estimating at around 6lbs 12oz right now which is hilarious and terrifying because baby Z was only 6lbs 3oz at birth!!!! He’s measuring a couple days ahead of schedule still, but my midwife told me he’s not coming any time soon!

So there’s my 37 week update! Here’s my 37 week bump picture!IMG_8276[1]

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