5 things I didn’t expect about triathlon

I was thinking this week about everything that’s become “normal” in my life since beginning triathlons. Some of it I imagined would happen before getting into this, but someone it I didn’t know what I was getting myself into 2 years ago when I began this adventure! Since today is Friday, I thought I’d do my own little “Friday Five” and share the top 5 things I didn’t expect about triathlon training and racing. They’re not necessarily good or bad things; just things I didn’t realize before I started :)

1) I didn’t expect to get faster “only” running 3 days a week!

When my husband and I began to work out a schedule for triathlon training, I had currently been running 6-7 days per week about 60 miles per week. I did NOT want to “loose my fitness” by decreasing my running. Little did I know, I would not only enjoy the variety in the week, but I’d also get faster at running! IMG_20140823_080546224_HDR

2) I didn’t expect to loose weight.

I certainly wasn’t trying to loose weight when I started triathlon training; it just kind of happened. I never expected it to happen. With all the running I’d been doing for 4 years, I figured my weight was pretty stable. With all the speed intervals, and the whole body workouts of swimming, biking, and running, I just started leaning out more. I lost 8 pounds and 1 pant size.  I’d like to gain that weight back–but in muscle. Hoping that’ll happen this off season!

3) I didn’t expect to meet so many amazing people!

As a runner, I’m more of an introvert. Triathletes aren’t as much–they seem much more open and friendly! I have LOVED getting to know a few local triathletes in my area! And I’ve also enjoyed meeting some awesome triathletes at races!

yea, I met Meredith Kessler last weekend. She is my Ironman hero :)

yea, I met Meredith Kessler last weekend. She is my Ironman hero :)

4) I didn’t expect it to cost so much money!

Maybe I was naive, but I used to think marathons were expensive! Not anymore :) Triathlons are PRICEY! The entry fee alone is costly, but then the equipment adds a lot too! Definitely not a cheap hobby!

I didn’t expect to LOVE every part of it!

Seriously, I didn’t think I could enjoy anything more than running, but triathlons are SO FUN! I even enjoy training for them! I love the variety of sports, the different kinds of workouts, the combination of workouts (brick work), even the open water swimming! It’s seriously so much fun, and even more addictive than running. :)

Have any of you ever thought about this?

Think back to before you started running (or doing triathlons). Anything you didn’t expect would happen that did?

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