5 Things Friday: 5 “tips” for working out as a mom

This Friday, I decided to get back into the “5 things” gig and blog about my top 5 tips for fitting my workouts in as a mom! Keep in mind, my baby is only 12 weeks old, so I’m still new at being a mom and I’m still learning every day! However, I’ve learned a lot in the past 12 weeks, so here are my two cents on working out as a mom. :)

1. Invest in some sort of swing or portable pack ‘n play. This is the biggest thing that’s helped me get my workouts in! I just put Zoe in the swing (if she’s awake), or the pack ‘n play if she’s asleep; set her right beside me, and do my bike ride or T25 workout! She actually falls asleep to the sound of the bike (thanks to me biking so much when she was inside me!), so most of the time I can bike as long as she’ll nap!

2. Time your workouts around baby’s nap time. This sounds obvious to the non-mom, but believe me, it’s easier said than done! I have found though, that the earlier in the day, the more regular and predictable Zoe’s naps are, so I try to workout earlier in the day. Once I’m back at work next week, I’ll be working out before she’s up for the day. Yea, “sleep when baby sleeps” is not my motto. :)

sometimes she'll nap on the go with me while I run!

sometimes she’ll nap on the go with me while I run!

3. Let your partner help you! My husband loves being involved in caring for the baby, so he’ll “babysit” while I work out most mornings. I’ll have a bottle of freshly pumped milk ready for him if he needs it, and he’s more than willing to give her a bottle or change a diaper while I’m running or at the gym!

4. Be flexible. Yes, this is a hard one for me. However, I am learning. :) Several times a week, I have to take a break mid-workout to feed or change, or re-rock Zoe back to sleep. It happens, and I’m ok with it. :) Also, sometimes my workout is cut short, and I have to be ok with that too. Other times, I can’t leave the house because my husband isn’t available, so I have to change my plan.

My "back-up" plan for indoor workouts is T25! It's quick, and gets me feeling like I've worked hard!

My “back-up” plan for indoor workouts is T25! It’s quick, and gets me feeling like I’ve worked hard!

5. Set a plan ahead of time. Even if it’s the night before, I always plan out what workout I’m going to do the next day. For me, if I don’t plan ahead of time, it just doesn’t happen. “Fit in what you can when you can” just doesn’t work well for me.

So those are my tips! Other new-mom readers, what have you found works well for you?


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