70.3 World Championships Training: Week 1

I am officially in “week 1” of training for 70.3 World Championships! I say week 1 loosely, because obviously I’ve been training since January, but this week has begun my next training segment after my recovery week from Muncie. I now have less than 7 weeks until the race! Ahh! In one sense, that seems like a long time, but in terms of training, that really only means I have 4 weeks of hard training until I start tapering again! Crazy!

My week 1 began Monday with my first training long ride since May 29th! Yes, ever since then, I’ve been tapering/racing! What a summer it’s been!!! Obviously two of my races since then were 70.3’s, so I had long rides in both of them, but not long training rides. I expected to struggle a lot, but I actually felt fine until the last half hour when I was getting hungry! My original plan was to bike the simulated bike course of Mont Tremblant. However, technology was not my friend, so I ended up just doing a trainer ride with hard intervals for 3 hours. image (7)It went pretty well! I was definitely tired at the end, but I was able to recover quickly and get a lot done the rest of the day. I was concerned that I’d be too stiff to get a run workout in on Tuesday, but Tuesday came and I felt fine! I did my run workout exactly as planned! So far so good! I’m feeling fresh and recovered after an easy week last week, and I’m ready to push hard for the next 4 weeks!

In other news, the new bike I purchased when we were in New Hampshire is going to make it’s way to me sooner than we thought!

My new Specialized Ruby Comp!

My new Specialized Ruby Comp!

Originally, I was going to get it from my parents when they met us in Canada for World Championships. However, the more John and I thought about the race, the more we wanted my new bike for it! The course is SO hilly, and we think I’d be better off on a road bike made for climbing instead of a TT bike made for speeding on flats. :) Anyway, so we’d been debating me using the bike for the race without ever riding it before! Yikes, I know…..I was nervous about it. However, my Aunt is traveling out to see us in just two weeks, and she’s agreed to haul the precious cargo out here for us!!!! So I’ll get to train on my new bike for 5 weeks before the race! That should be enough time for me to get comfortable on it and get it “race ready”! I’m excited!! :)

How is your week going?

Any upcoming late summer/fall races you’re starting to train for?

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