The Aftermath of Running a Marathon

I am now living in the aftermath of running a marathon two days ago. For those of you who have not run one (or even haven’t run one in a while), let me explain what this means. Perhaps some of you can relate :) I’d like to think I go through some typical things all marathoners go through.

Immediately after the marathon: Feeling so incredibly sore and tired that you tell yourself you’ll never put yourself through that again.

Less than 24 hours after the marathon: Still feeling incredibly sore (in fact, more so), but already looking up future marathons/races to do, OR talking about how you plan to PR in the next planned race. It was only about 6 hours before I was plotting out how I would train for my next marathon so as to PR again! Thankfully, I have several other races already on my schedule this summer, so I didn’t go through the typical looking up races and immediately registering for another one :)

The morning after the marathon: Rating your soreness on a scale combined with past races and/or stair walking abilities. Here’s my soreness scale with 1 being the more severe:

1. 50 miler sore/Can not fully extend legs while walking for fear that my quads will give out.

2. Boston sore/Having walk down stairs two feet per step. 216838_602823605914_648571_n

3. Swagger sore (now to be known as 3:15 marathon soreness). I would walk “normal”, but it was more of a shuffle or a swagger

4. Marathon sore. Don’t expect me to jog, but I can walk normal with minimal pain.

Less than 48 hours after the marathon: All the pain and agony from the race are forgotten, and you are now looking through your race photos with only fond memories.

Can any of you relate to these thoughts? It seems to happen to me after EVERY race-even triathlons :) Funny what the mind tells you. :) Do you have a “soreness rating scale” to describe how sore you feel post race?

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