Baby Moon Hiking Trip!

This week, the hubs and I had the opportunity to take a kid-less hiking trip with the dogs for a few days! We called it a late anniversary/ baby moon trip! We had such a great time! We spent three days in Hocking Hills State Park relaxing and hiking! We hiked a total of 19 miles on our trip! (Plus, I ran 5 miles the morning we drove to the park!)

When we got to the park, we checked in to our cottage and then headed straight to the trails! We wanted to do the “scenic” trail first since the other two days we were there had risk of rain. This was a 6 mile round trip “trail” down by the creek, through the caves. It was pretty challenging! We hiked one way to the spot called Cedar Falls (from Old Man’s cave). The trail was narrow, slippery, and full of rocks and roots! There were quite a few spots that we had to help shimmy the dogs over! Also, at one point, we walked through the creek because the trail wasn’t very passable for four-legged creatures! We loved the views, but I was SO tired by the time we finished the 6 miles that I was beginning to think I bit off more than I could chew!P1020417

The next morning, we woke up much more refreshed and ready to take on another hike! However, I was secretly hoping that the terrain would be a little easier because my preggo body did NOT want a challenge anymore. :)

It was pretty dreary in the morning, so we just went out for a quick two mile hike to a nice pretty lake. The trail was nice and wide, well packed, and included only rolling hills. The forest covered us pretty well too so we didn’t get that wet!

We attempted a selfie with the dogs---only got Mya in it :)

We attempted a selfie with the dogs—only got Mya in it :)

In the afternoon, the rain let up enough for us to try another hike. John assured me that the hike from Ash Cave to Cedar Falls was much less difficult, so we gave it a try! John was right! The trail was MUCH easier! Beautiful, forest covered, wide trails with hardly anything to climb over, under, or through.

Ash Cave!

Ash Cave!

This was my favorite spot!

This was my favorite spot!

On day 3, we wanted to do one more trail-the one from Old Man’s Cave to Rose Lake (the lake we’d walked to on a different trail the day before). This trail too was nice and relaxing to hike! We enjoyed the view of Old Man’s Cave below us, and loved the scenery!

View of the falls and part of Old Man's Cave from the upper rim

View of the falls and part of Old Man’s Cave from the upper rim

The trail had quite a few steep hills, but nothing too challenging. My legs were pretty tired being the third day of hiking, but baby and I loved it!

asking John: "Do I look 21 weeks pregnant?"

asking John: “Do I look 21 weeks pregnant?”

That hike was about 4.5 miles, so when we finished, we decided to see one more sight before heading back home. We drove to “Rock House” for a .5 mile hike. This was a short one, but SUPER difficult! We were either walking straight down, or straight up steps the whole way! (Mostly up!) I’m so glad we went though, cuz it was awesome!

Inside the "rock house"

Inside the “rock house”

The “house” was a large enclosed area in cliffs about 30-40 feet above the ground! The dogs climbed the whole way up with us and enjoyed going inside. I was surprised! I was also glad it was only .5 mile total because much longer and my legs would’ve been complaining! So that was our 19 miles of hiking in three days! Super fun!

We loved our 3 day hiking adventure, and most of all loved the chance to spend time away with each other before our lives get even more hectic with the coming of baby!

Have any of you readers been to Hocking Hills?

What was your favorite hike there?

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