Banana Split Granola Bars

Hey guys! It’s Monday, so I thought I’d share my weekend’s food-related endeavor with you all! Yesterday, I decided to try another homemade energy bar recipe from my cookbook, Power Hungry.image-24

I chose to make the Banana Split Granola Bars. Sound good huh? I thought so too! :) IMG_0921[1]These were super easy to make, though slightly time-consuming because they contained quinoa which I had to cook first-that took about 20 minutes. After that though, everything was super easy. While the quinoa was cooking, I made the oat mixture and mashed the bananas. Then when the quinoa was cooled, I mixed everything together and added almonds and chocolate chips. :)IMG_0922[1]Once everything was all mixed, all I had to do was line it in the pan. I put aluminum foil down in the pan first so that it wouldn’t stick. Then I was all set to bake them for 25 minutes! IMG_0923[1]They came out great! Here they are, all ready to cut and then put in individual plastic bags! Yes, I immediately tried a piece immediately after taking this picture, and they are so good! I like them better than the carrot cake bars I made a couple weeks ago. IMG_0925[1]I can’t wait to try more recipes from this book! Have any of you made any homemade granola bars recently? I’d love to hear your recipes!!




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