Beet juice is the bomb!

We had a crazy weekend here in the Stedge household! It started off Friday night with hosting a group from our church over to start a new discipleship study. Then Saturday morning, John had a few guys over to play an online real-time strategy game called ‘Age of Empires’. I called it “nerd day”. They were scheduled to arrive at 10am, so I scheduled my run for promptly at 10am as well :) My plan was to do my 2 hr run, shower, stretched, eat lunch, and then they’d be done playing. Timed it perfectly! :)

My run was great though. It was almost 50 degrees, the sun was shining, and it was just such a beautiful day. I had a 2 hour run on the schedule, so I decided to run down to one of my favorite towns, then turn around after an hour and run back. I had a fun time seeing fellow runners, walkers, and bikers as I passed. I also got to see some of the effects of all the snow melting too! One of the roads I planned on running on my route was blocked off due to high water. Of course, I ignored the sign thinking it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. I met this waterfall going across the road! Yes, I ran through it. I’m not sure why….my feet sure paid for it! Made for an exciting adventure though :) image-38Saturday afternoon, John and I squeezed our long swim in. I had to do 3X1,000 meters at zone 3 pace. After we finished, we then headed home for our evening activity-Game night! Yes, two game gatherings in one day….not sure why we did that :) Anyway, we had a group of people over to play non-computer games, and had a great time.

Sunday morning, I got up before church to do some T25 workouts. Then after church, I hoped on my bike for my 3 hour ride. My friend Kelly rode with me some, and John joined me for the last stretch :) I was feeling pretty tired the whole ride, so I was glad to make it through! AND, after I finished, John made me some beet-pear juice with our juicer! Guys, beet juice is the bomb! Well, with pears in it, it is. I’m telling you, it is SO good! Just plain beet juice was pretty bitter, so we decided to add pears since they are really sweat. Perfect combination! I could drink the whole thing, but I wanted to savor it. I’ve heard that beet juice is great for recovery, specifically reducing inflammation, so I decided to try it! image-39So that was our busy weekend! How did your weekend of training go? I hope you were able to get your workouts in and still have some time for yourself!



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