Big Day

This Saturday, I’m going to have what in the “triathlon world” is called a “Big Day”. As you know, I’m going for a group ride this weekend up in Sandusky, OH. Since we are trying to simulate my race in the bike, we are going to make it a looooong workout and do all 3 events. That’s what a Big Day is. :) The idea is to do the Big Day workout 4 weeks prior to your race, and simulate the race day as much as possible. Waking up at the same time as race day, eat the same breakfast, use the fuels you’ll use on race day, wear the clothing you’ll wear on race day, and practice transitions as you would on race day. However, you’re not supposed to do quite the ENTIRE race in the same intensity as you would on your race. So, this is what I’m doing on Saturday….

Wake up: 4am

Breakfast: Oatmeal with peanut butter, honey, and banana

Pre-swim Snack: Hammer Nutrition Bar

Swim: 30 minutes at race intensity DSC06439

Short break

Bike: 56 miles at race heart rate DSC06494

Short break and snack

Run: 1 hour escalation run (start easy, and work up to race pace) 1175469_840764904644_2120458141_n


Sounds fun, right? Haha, yea, it’s a pretty full day. BUT, the plus side is, you then take the entire next day (Sunday) completely off! I’m excited about that. :)

Anyone else do “Big Days” in their training?

Any of you readers also riding the Cedar Point course this weekend?