Bike test update

I was going to post about my run, bike, and swim tests all at once, but I did my bike test yesterday, and I just couldn’t wait to write about it!

The outcome of my bike test wasn’t overly satisfying, but overall I felt like the test went much better than any of my bike tests this year! My FTP (functional threshold power) was 2 watts average higher than my last test. However, it’s still 3 watts below my “best” test this year. BUT, I realized my “best” test was the one I did with my friend biking along side me. Quite likely, I was able to push harder since she was with me, so I’m now not going to compare myself to that.

Also, even though I didn’t beat my best power, I performed the best I ever have. I decided to start off more conservatively so that I didn’t “die” in the last half of the test. This worked out well for the most part-I was able to keep a consistent power throughout. I wasn’t able to push hard at the end, but I felt accomplished in that I didn’t DECREASE my power at the finish! DSC05157

With about 10 minutes left in the test, I wanted to quit because I knew I wasn’t pushing hard enough to beat my best test. I told John that I didn’t feel like I was doing well, and he responded that it was ok if I didn’t beat my test. This helped me so much! Just knowing that the outcome of the test didn’t really matter helped relieve my anxiety! Also, when I finished the test, John told me that our main goal was to increase my ENDURANCE so that I can bike in the appropriate power zone for my 70.3 races. This means that it doesn’t really matter how hard I can push for 30 minutes :) That made me very relieved! Let me tell ya, I’m glad I have him as my coach!

I’ll fill you in on how my swim test and run test (race) go this weekend!

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