Brewed Awakening Homemade Bars

It’s time for another edition of Homemade Bars: Brewed Awakening Bars this week! This is another recipe from my Power Hungry: The ultimate  energy bar cookbook! These homemade bars specifically appealed to me because they actually contain instant coffee!!! :) Sounded good to me, so I thought I’d give it a try. A few other “unusual” ingredients it used were brown rice cereal, which I was able to find at Walmart! Also organic light corn syrup….unfortunately I wasn’t able to find that in our grocery store, so I had to settle for agave nectar as a substitute.

The recipe was pretty simple. First I baked the oatmeal, nuts, and coconut for a few minutes while I made the “sugar mixture”. IMG_0941[1]

Once the nut mixture was baked, and the sugar mixture was cooked, I mixed them together, and then added in the brown rice cereal. It smelt great!IMG_0942[1]

Next, I laid the mixture into a lined pan, and compacted it all together. They had to cool for about an hour after this to firmly set, but I snuck a bite from the spoon. I’m actually not sure how I feel about the taste… The coffee flavor was very good, but they left a weird after taste in my mouth….I think it was from the agave nectar. Next time I’ll try and use the organic corn syrup.IMG_0943[1] Have any of you found some great granola bar recipes? I’m always scouting the blogs for new recipe ideas so feel free to share!

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