Carriage Hill 5k+ Race Recap

Last night, I did the Carriage Hill 5k+ Race! It was another one of the trail races put on by ORRRC that I’m a member of so the race was free for me and our whole fam! I convinced the hubs and our foster kids to come with me to the race this time, and everyone competed!

We got to the race about 45 minutes prior to the start to register and find out where the start/finish was. It was sprinkling slightly as it had been the entire day, so we were anticipating a muddy race. I’d never run the course before, but heard it was a little muddy. :) Since I figured we’d be covered in mud after, I wanted to get a before AND after pic. :)

Before the race-baby girl and I ready to run!

Before the race-baby girl and I ready to run!

There were just under 200 competitors who came out to the race, which I was surprised by since it was such nasty weather. It was only 69 degrees, and like I said-it had been raining all day. We lined up for the start, and I decided to start about 1/4 back from the front pack so that I wouldn’t get run over by the faster runners. :) My goal was to do 9 minute pace while keeping my HR in zone 2 or 3. I quickly realized once we started though, that 9 minute pace wasn’t going to happen! It was SO muddy that I had to work much harder to go much slower than normal! So, I slowed to about a 9:15 pace and was able to maintain that the whole race.

About 1.5 miles in, I was still in a pretty packed group of people, so it was difficult to see where the mud, rocks, and roots were. Inadvertently, I stepped on a muddy root with my right foot, and rolled my ankle pretty good! I frequently roll my ankles while trail running, but this was the worst it’s ever been! I actually had to stop and walk it off for a second before the pain went away enough for me to continue running. The ankle is a little sore this morning, but not too bad thankfully!

The course went through the woods and a couple fields and was actually quite beautiful despite the rain and mud! There were really no hills to speak of-just some slight inclines. There were also 3 bridge crossings which made things interesting due to the rain and mud. :) I took them slow because I saw a poor kid bite the dust on the first one and did NOT want that happening to me!

I got to the 3.1 mile point on my watch and quickly realized WHY this race was called a 5k+. It was because the race was actually longer than a 5k. :) Typical in trail races, so I was not surprised. I did however wonder how MUCH longer than a 5k it was! I was confident in my pace though, and I wasn’t getting tired, so I pressed on. After another .3 mile, I saw the turn where we headed for the finish and was thankful my journey in the mud was over! I finished in 30:54 (horrible time, but anything’s good for a preggo!!). I was 2nd in my age group, and 12th female overall. I was 86th out of a total of 189 finishers. Overall, I was just pleased to have been able to do another race while being pregnant, but still pretty pleased that I can at least place in my age group!

This was the award all the finishers got. Yes, a tree!

I've never won a tree before!

I’ve never won a tree before!

All the kids did pretty well for their first 5k, and the hubs enjoyed just walking with one of our kids. I think everyone had fun despite the mud and they’re excited for another race!


All of us with our mud-covered legs!


And me all covered in mud but no worse for wear!

I had a great time doing this race and I felt good the whole time to! So happy to still be running and racing at 24.3 weeks pregnant!  

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