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The views were amazing!

Moab’s Red Hot 33k Race Recap

Two weeks ago, I ran my first race of the year-Moab’s Red Hot 33k. This race was much different than the races I typically do. It was trail, but not the trails you’d typically think of upon hearing the word-it was more like rock running/climbing at times even! I signed …


Life Lately (and new races!)

Hey guys! So, I’m not going to be doing regular weekly updates for you this year (because they’re not super exciting), but I do want to occasionally update you on training life! My training life has been pretty busy these last few months as I’m preparing for my first race …

It was a cold morning, but perfect day for a run!

Lake Sunapee 5k Turkey Trot Recap

Yes, I know, I’m several months late on this race recap, but as promise, here it FINALLY is! This year, for Thanksgiving, all of my siblings made it back to New Hampshire, where my parents live. We decided that it would be fun to do a race together with everyone …