My chatty long run

So this morning, I finished up participating in that running research project. I had quite a chatty long run-with myself :) I had to carry this little recorder with me and wear the microphone. image-2Basically whatever popped into my head, I said out loud. It was kinda fun! Here’s what I found myself thinking about…

The majority of the time, I thought about my pace and heart rate. At least once a mile, I would check my watch and take inventory about how I felt about my pace and about lowering my heart rate. Along with that, I kept thinking about how my legs were feeling and taking note of my stride.

The next thing I noticed I thought a lot about was the weather-it was a warm day, but very very windy, so I kept thinking about that.

Lastly, I thought about the houses and the people I passed.

And that was pretty much it! Boring thoughts I guess…..I’m excited to see what the researchers find out though!

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