The Cruel Reality of 6am

Yesterday, I was awoke to the cruel reality of 6am! I am blessed to have a job where I have the summers off. It’s great….until August rolls around. :) See, where we live, the sun rises early in the summer, but once we get to August, the sun isn’t rising until closer to 6:30/7am! This means that after 3 months of sleeping in until the sun wakes me up, I’m usually sleeping until almost 8 by August! Now that I’m back to work and I have to wake up at 6am, it’s rough! Yesterday when my alarm went off, I was so disoriented, I had no idea what day it was or why my alarm was even going off! :) 3170613-conceptual-image-of-a-vintage-alarm-clock-showing-that-it-is-too-soon

I know, a large part of being able to get up early to workout is just getting used to it, so probably in a few weeks, I’ll be fine. In the meantime though, how do I “get used to it”? Here’s some things I plan to put to use.

1. Go to bed earlier! I go to bed pretty easy already, but with the amount of training I do, I need a lot of sleep.

2. Lay out my workout gear the night before, and make my lunch the night before. If I have less to do in the morning, it will leave more time for me to get up and get my work out in, so I don’t have to get up quite as early.

3. Not hit my snooze button! So hard, but if I let myself get in the habit of hitting the snooze, I’ll never get used to getting up early.

Do you workout in the mornings?

How do you force yourself to get used to it?

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