DIY Commemorative Race Poster

I mentioned yesterday on my blog about my fun DIY project I did on Tuesday. Well, here it is. I made my own commemorative race poster! Well, really it’s a race collage. I’ve actually made one of these before-several years ago after completing the Boston Marathon. Here’s what that poster looks like. IMG_0906[1]

After completing my full ironman distance triathlon in September, I decided I wanted to do something similar to what I made for my Boston pictures and memorabilia. Growing up, I always had two athletic goals-qualify for and race the Boston marathon, and complete a full distance triathlon. Since those were my two main goals, I wanted to commemorate them in some way special.

So here is what I did. First, I had to find a poster frame. Got one for cheap at good ol’ Walmart! IMG_0901[1]

Then, I picked out what pictures I wanted from my race, and ordered prints of them. Next, I printed off my motivational title, and then a fun triathlon logo. I already had my race bib, of course, and a 140.6 sticker. Next, I printed off my race results, and I was ready to put it all together! Here’s my final product! What do you think?IMG_0904[1]

I’m excited to hang it up in my office beside my Boston Commemorative Race Poster! :) What do you guys do to commemorate your special races?

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