When you don’t feel like running…

Yesterday was a bitter cold morning. The “polar vortex” apparently has decided to blow its way back into Ohio. The conditions were not ideal for running, so I wanted to give you some inspiration for when you don’t feel like running. Whether it is because of the cold, wind, heat, or you just don’t “feel” like it…

I woke up yesterday morning and started my usual routine of getting ready for my run. Before getting dressed, I checked the weather. It read 24 degrees with light snowfall. “Not too bad”, I thought…then I noticed there was a winter weather advisory, AND a windchill advisory. Well, I’d already committed myself to running outside, so to me, there was no other choice but to just bundle up and get it done.

I realize not everyone thinks this way, so here are some of my thoughts on getting through harsh conditions. This may play into my thoughts on mental toughness that I posted about yesterday.

First off all, whenever I am approaching a potentially nasty run, I think of one of my favorite quotes: “Today you almost broke up with running.  Today running shook you out of bed and into the deep, dark cold.  Today once again, around mile 2, lungs full of air, pupils full of sunrise, you remembered ‘Oh yeah, this is why we got together.”‘ I love this quote because it is so true for me! Without fail, whenever I am dragging myself out the door to run in the cold or dark or just when I’m tired….once I’m a couple miles in, I’m SO glad I made myself go. So my tip to you is, if you’re feeling sluggish, or don’t want to go out in the dark, or hate the cold, TRY and get yourself out the door. If you hate it, those conditions just aren’t for you-go inside next time. However, I think most of the time, you’ll find that you actually like it.

My second encouragement is this. The mind is very powerful. If you give it the option to skip a workout, it will convince you that it’s the best thing for your body. Now, sometimes it is the best thing to take a day off. However, your mind trys to convince you of that when you really DON’T need a rest day. I try and make my workouts a habit, and do them at the same times on the same days each week. This way, my mind thinks it is just a necessary part of my day! Seriously, when I woke up yesterday morning, I would have much rather slept in, but my mind was just so used to getting up at 6am that I just got up out of habit. When I saw that it was dark and snowy, I bundled up, put my head down, and charged out the door. My mind had no other alternative but to run, so I did! Sounds simple, but I think this is one little thing that could easily throw a veteran athlete off course.

What about you? How do you get yourself out the door when you’re feeling tired, or the conditions aren’t favorable?

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