Don’t have time to work out?

Most people bring a brief case, stylish messenger bag, or purse to work….

Not me!

I bring some form of a gym bag to work every day!

I bring some form of a gym bag to work every day!

When I meet someone new and they find out how much I work out, they often comment “I don’t have time to workout” or “I’d love to work out, but my job is just too demanding”. I can agree, some jobs are more time consuming than others, but I personally believe you MAKE time for what’s important to you. For me, working out is important, so I make time for it.

I’m a triathlete, so often I have to do 2 or even sometimes 3 workouts a day. I’ll usually do one in the morning before work, but that means I have to get another one in during the day. Granted, I do have an “athletic” job, so it’s very acceptable for me to workout on my lunch hour. Actually, the building I work in is connected to the gym, so it IS convenient. However, if you’re dedicated, you can fit in a workout during your lunch break no matter where you work.

This week, I mentioned is a VERY long work week for me. I am working a high school volleyball camp. There are 125 junior high-high school girls here playing volleyball from 8am-10pm for 4 days. I am here for first aid and emergencies, so it means for long days, but not necessarily busy days. Still, when I looked at the schedule for this week, and looked at my work out schedule, I had a minor freak out. How am I supposed to get my workouts in AND sleep this week! Given it’s my taper week, my workouts are shorter, but my sleep is PRECIOUS!! I knew I didn’t want to get up crazy early to do the workouts, so I scoured the schedule and figured out a plan.

Each day, the schedule looks like this.

Each day, the schedule looks like this.

As you can see, I only get 1 hour for lunch, and 1 hour for dinner each day. I am to be present during all athletic activities. I knew only 1 hour wasn’t enough to get my bike and run bricks in each day, but I looked closer and discovered that really I had about 1hr, 30min “free” before, during, and after lunch where no emergencies would occur. :) So, I brought my bike in to work and set it up right in the athletic training room! (One advantage of working 8am-10pm is you don’t have to worry about someone coming in and taking your bike when you aren’t there….cuz you’re always there!) IMG_1197[1]

So, you ready to hear how I fit in a swim, bike, and run yesterday while working 14 hours? I got up at 6:15am, threw on my swim suit, grabbed a muffin, and my pre-packed gym bag, and headed to the pool. I did my quick swim workout (just 800 meters), showered, put on my work clothes, and drove straight to work from there. I got to work right on time, then at 11:30am when they finished the morning activities, I hopped on my bike! A couple kids came in during the next 15 minutes for ice, but I’d pre-made some bags for them, so I didn’t even have to get off my bike :) I did my interval workout (43 minutes), then immediately transitioned to my run! Then run was only 26 minutes total, so all together the brick was 1hr, 10min. That gave me just enough time to stretch and shower before 1pm! It went quite smoothly! I plan to do the same thing today as well.

Yes, I rode with plastic bags on my aero pads. I had my bike on my car rack, and didn't have time to take them off!

Yes, I rode with plastic bags on my aero pads. I had my bike on my car rack, and didn’t have time to take them off!

So, do you think you have time to work out now?

I’ll admit, it is hard to commit to doing it, and it’s much nicer to relax on your lunch break, but it’s so worth it in the end!

Let me know how you fit in your workouts during a busy week!!

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