East Canyon Half Marathon Race Recap

I ran the East Canyon Half Marathon last Saturday at 18 weeks pregnant, and absolutely LOVED it! It is officially my favorite race I’ve done in Utah so far! The scenery was beautiful, the amount of decent was perfect, and the weather was great for August! This race was the 2nd annual, so there were clearly some kinks that still need to be worked out, but other than that, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

I got my race packet four days before race day where I found out the address for where the race finished and started. This was a little last-minute to me, but it all worked out. I arrived at the finish line (where we were to park and be shuttled to the start) at 5:45am. We were told that the buses would be departing at 6am, so I figured planning 15 minutes of cushion was perfect. I got there, gathered my things together into my drop bag, and went over to where the buses were supposed to be and waited…and waited….and waited. While we waited, I enjoyed watching the sun come up.

The sun just peaking up over the mountains.

The sun just peaking up over the mountains.

We all waited until 6:23am when the buses finally pulled in and the we loaded up. I guess there was a miscommunication, and the drivers didn’t know they were supposed to get to us much earlier. We drove to the start, arriving around 7am. The race was set to start at 7:30am, but the race director, who arrived to us shortly after, said he wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to use the port-a-potties before we started. I didn’t mind waiting because the views were great!

The view from the start!

The view from the start!

Thankfully the lines went quickly, and everyone was ready, lined up at the start at 7:35am. He promptly started us, and off we went! We started by running downhill, but not a steep hill. It was beautiful, and everyone was running pretty fast. I started faster than I planned, but felt fine, and slowed up when the hill pitch evened out.

My favorite part about this race was that there were port-a-potties every 2 miles! I only needed to use one twice, but I appreciated knowing that I could stop basically whenever I needed!

The race went mostly downhill for it’s entirety, but flattened out a few times, and ONCE we had a tiny up hill. I felt great the whole time and just went at a comfortable pace. I made sure to stick to my fluid and gel intake so that my energy didn’t crash. I was worried about the heat since it was August, but it was pretty cool until about mile 5 when I started to feel hot, but 30 seconds after that, it started RAINING! Only lightly, for about a half mile, but it cooled me down a lot! After that, the course was pretty shady until mile 10. At that point, the sun started beaming down pretty strongly but we still somehow had a cool breeze which was just enough to keep me from getting too hot.

I came around the corner for the last tenth of a mile, saw the finish line, and ran strong till I made it through the finish arch! I finished in 1:49, which isn’t fast by any means, but my pregnant goal was 2 hrs, so I was really happy that I was able to do so much better than I thought! IMG_7005[1]

My next race is technically in 3 weeks, but it’s a half ironman distance triathlon, so I’m going to defer that one. However, I do have another half marathon for two months from now which I hope to still be able to do! Wish me luck!

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