Energy Bar Monday: Energy Balls

I know, it’s not Monday, but I’m a day off due to getting stuck in Texas. Don’t worry, I finally did make it home! Things were too crazy to actually sit down and write a blog yesterday though. However, I DID make one of the recipes from my Power Hungry book. Well, actually, I kind of used the main premise of the recipe, but varied it a little :)

I chose to make one of the 5-Minute Energy Ball recipes yesterday. There were several variations, but I chose to make the chocolate peanut butter ones. YUM! The recipe called for: peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, honey, and water. I decided to also add about a cup of oats along with that. I didn’t really measure anything out, just added what looked right to me/what was leftover in the canisters. :) IMG_1890

Here’s how they turned out!IMG_1892

They were a HUGE hit with the family! I was told that I have to make them all the time now :) Next time I make them, I’ll use all natural peanut butter–I was bad and used Jiff this time 😉

Has anyone else ever tried making energy balls/energy truffles?

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