Energy Bar Monday: Friend Bars

Welcome to my very first “Energy Bar Monday” post! As I mentioned last week, every Monday, I will be blogging about my experience making one recipe from the book “The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook”.

This week, I made Friend Bars. These come from the portion of the book with recipes to imitate common brand name energy bars. Friend Bars, are supposed to be similar to Kind Bars. I chose to make these as my first recipe because I already had all of the ingredients necessary :) Mostly nuts and dried fruit. image6

The bars were really easy to make! I just had to combine them all into the bowl. Then, the “glucose” they recommended you use to hold them together was a homemade mixture. So, I did that. For the “glucose syrup”, I had to heat water and sugar, with a little salt in a pan until it reached exactly 240 degrees, then let it cool. Super easy! image5After that, all I had to do was mix it with the nut mixture….image4

…and then put them in the pan! image3They cooked in the oven for about 17 minutes and came out perfectly! The only issue was I neglected to follow one rule….always spray the pan–even if it’s covered in tin foil. Correction: ESPECIALLY if it’s covered in tin foil! Here’s what the bottom of my bars looked like when I took them out of the pan….image2

Oh no! Let’s just say, it took longer to scrape the tiny pieces of tin foil off each bar than it did to combine and bake the bars! However, it all turned out fine, and they taste awesome! They will make a great snack for me at work every day this week. :)

The final product, all bagged up!

The final product, all bagged up!

Anyone else use this book before?

Which recipe is your favorite?

Anyone else use other homemade energy bar recipes?



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