Energy Bar Monday: Lucy Bars

This past weekend, I was getting ready to make my energy bars for the week, and I wasn’t feeling super motivated. I also hadn’t gone shopping for energy bar ingredients in a while, so I was skimming through my Power Hungry book trying to find a super simple recipe. Well, I found it! Lucy Bars! They have been the easiest, simpliest bars I’ve made yet! IMG_1814

Here are the ingredients I used to make ‘Coconut cream pie bars’: dates, almonds, and coconut. Yes, that’s seriously it! I just chopped and mixed everything together, smooshed them into my tin-foiled pan, put them in the fridge, and ta-da! Done! IMG_1815

The bars probably only took me 10 minutes to make, and they taste great too! Not my favorite tasting ones so far, but they’re not bad for only a few ingredients!

Have you made any awesome/easy energy bars lately? Do share, please!

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