Energy Bar Monday: Moonbeam Bars

This week, for energy bar Monday,  I made the Moonbeam Bars recipe from the Power Hungry Book! These bars are supposed to be imitations of Luna Bars. I LOVE Luna bars, so I was excited to make these! IMG_1854

I decided to stick with the normal recipe for the bars, but they do have bar “variations” on the far left. Typically I pick to do one of the variations (mostly because I don’t have ingredients for the normal recipe, so I find one of the variations that I DO have ingredients for) :)

One thing I love about this book, is all the recipes are SUPER easy to follow, and they’re all really quick! It takes me less than 10 minutes to make a recipe now! AND, the bars last me all week!

The ingredients for these bars were: brown rice cereal, oats, dried cranberries, natural nut butter, and glucose syrup! You just melt the nut butter and syrup together, and then pour over the rice mixture, then press in a pan with tin foil and you’re done!

The recipe actually called for using a bar coating on top, but the coating was mostly made out of chocolate, which wouldn’t of been too healthy, so I left that part out.

Have any of you readers made some of these bars yet? Let me know which ones you like best!

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