Energy Bar Monday: Quinoa Protein Bars

Last week, I got my first Hammer Nutrition shipment of the year, and in it was some Whey Chocolate protein powder!

My new protein!

My new protein!

So, I used it to make my first protein bars for my Energy Bar Monday post today! I chose the Quinoa Protein bar recipe from the Power Hungry book this week.

This was the first recipe that turned out completely perfect for me! It was super easy and didn’t have too many ingredients.

I mixed together cooked quinoa, rolled oats, flaxseed meal, chocolate protein powder, and sea salt.IMG_1772

Then, I whisked honey, warm coconut oil, and milk together.

I combined the two mixtures together, but them in a pan lined with tin foil, and put them in the fridge!IMG_1773

Piece of cake! errrr….bar! :)

Have any of you tried these recipes yet? I LOVE them!

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