Evofit Enso Roller

A while ago, I won an Evofit Enso Roller. I was so excited to receive it on Monday! I feel like I’m pretty equipped with all the latest recovery devices now, that’s for sure! One thing that I instantly loved about the Enso Roller is how versatile it is. It is designed with several discs around an aluminum tube. Each of the discs can be moved back and forth across the aluminum tube to create a muscle-specific fit! My favorite configuration is the “spine channel” for the back. The discs are moved to create a small gap in the middle of the roller so that you can roll up and down your back without the discs barring into your spine! DSC05707 Another great configuration you can do is create a larger gap for your hip! This makes it so you can roll all along your IT band and up into your glut without aggravating the bursa over your hip bone! DSC05704The last thing I really like about the enso roller is that you can set the discs to isolate both your legs simultaneously. As seen below, I can roll both of my calves equally at the same time! DSC05708 Obviously, you can use this as a normal foam roller and use it with your body weight, but you can also put all the discs into the middle of the aluminum tube and use it as a hand-held roller! This is great if you have very sensitive, tight muscles and aren’t ready to use your body weight to loosen up your muscles! I typically like to use it with my body weight just like I would a foam roller. I think I’m really going to like this roller, and I think it will work great using it along with my Roll Recovery. Both are excellent devices, and I believe their uses compliment each other well!

Do you readers have any cool recovery devices?

What is your favorite form of “foam rolling”?

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