February training plan

Now that I’ve completed my first test week of 2014, (you can read about it here), I’m ready to start my “base 2” training! This training period will last 4 weeks. It will still largely be focused on building my fitness, but it will also entail some speed/power workouts.

For my swimming, I will still do 1 day a week of strictly form work. Since working on my form increased my speed so much, I figure I should probably keep doing that! Then the other mid-week swim will be interval speed work. My Saturday swims will be progressively longer distances workouts.

My biking workouts will remain the same length, but the intervals will differ. Whereas during my base 1 weeks, I was focusing on building fitness, now I will be doing “zone 3” intervals. These will be designed to build my power! I’ll continue increasing my long bike as well. I’ll increase the long ride by 15 minutes each week until I get to 3 hours. Since I’m focusing on the half-Ironman distance this year, there is really no need to do a long ride longer than 3 hours. I’m pretty happy about that :)

Along with increasing my swimming and biking, I’ll actually get to start running workouts as well! For these four weeks, most of my running workouts will be variations of tempos. In addition, I’ll continue to increase my long runs by 15 minutes each week until I reach 2.5 hours.

I’m excited to continue to build up my fitness and get into some hard workouts this month! How about you readers? What does your training plan for 2014 look like?

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