My feet have a mind of their own…

So, I have decided that my feet have a mind of their own. Specifically the mind of about an 80 year old-they are so grumpy! You may have noticed last weekend in my training update that I mentioned I’d had some foot difficulties during the week. Specifically, my talus (a bone in my ankle), was subluxing. I discovered last Monday that it had been subluxed for about a week. My chiropractor easily adjusted it back into place, but then after running on the following morning, it promptly went back out. I ended up seeing my chiropractor 3 times in one week. In fact, on Saturday, after my run, it hurt so badly that I couldn’t even walk on it. Then, like magic, on Sunday after a 3 hour bike ride, I had no pain whatsoever. Like I said….my feet have a mind of their own.

Thankfully, since Sunday, I haven’t had any issues with the foot. I ran on Tuesday with no problems, and will run this morning (hopefully no issues!). I think part of the reason for my grumpy feet (maybe even the SOLE reason) is my shoes. In the last few months, I have changed shoes SEVERAL times trying to find the perfect pair. Let’s just say that I’m still looking. Particularly the last two pair I’ve had have contributed to my grumpy feet. However, on Tuesday, I tried out a pair that I think might be “the ones”! They are Saucony’s Virrata. image (15)

I’ve never worn Saucony before, so I was a little nervous about trying them, but at this point I figured I didn’t have much to loose. A pro-triathlete who I follow on Twitter gave me a few suggestions about what Saucony’s she likes, so I decided on these. They are for a neutral runner (which I am), they have a zero drop from the heel to the toe (which is what I’m used to), and they are supposed to function well as both a trainer and a racer (perfect!). I wore them on Tuesday and immediately fell in love! For the first two miles, my calves were a tad tired, but after a little bit they warmed up and felt better and better the whole run. Yay, happy feet! Let me tell you, it is HARD to make BOTH of your feet perfectly happy! I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high though because I’ve had good first runs in shoes before and then have them feel horrible the next time, so I’m crossing my fingers on this morning’s run! Wish me luck!

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