First day of T-25

Yesterday John and I completed our first day of T-25! I know, I said we would start it last week, but it was a crazy week at work for both of us, so we decided not to add this in until this week. We are on vacation for the next two weeks, so it will be the perfect time to incorporate a new workout. We brought the workout dvds with us to Washington, and got up early yesterday to do our first workout.

The T-25 dvds are a sequence of workouts for 10 weeks. The first 5 weeks are the “alpha” series, and then you move to the “beta” series the last 5 weeks (the beta is harder!. The first day on the schedule is a cardio workout, so that’s what we started with!



Here we are in my in-law’s living room, doing the workout. The main (or only) thing John likes about T-25 is that you can do them in your pajamas! I chose to still wear athletic clothes. Also, you can see neither of us are wearing shoes. This was a problem….our calves got very tired very quickly. However, we don’t like wearing shoes in the house, so we opted to just get really strong calves! I’ll let you know how my poor little calves feel after a week of this….haha.

Like I said, this workout was focused mainly on cardio. We did a lot of jumping, lunging, and squatting. (I think we’ll be doing A LOT of that in ALL of the workouts :) ) We made it through the whole workout, but our calves and quads were burning pretty good by the end.DSC04724

Let’s just say it’s going to be a long 10 weeks…haha. We nearly died! Hoping for some stronger legs by the end though! Have any of you readers sought out the beachbody workouts? If you are interested, my friend Kim is a coach for them and she can help you out with any questions you have!

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