First Ride on My New Bike!

Yesterday, I took my first ride on my new bike! My Aunt hand delivered it to us Wednesday night, and John spent the evening getting it “road worthy” for me. Obviously it came road worthy, but he wanted to add my racing wheels, clip in pedals, special seat post and seat, and of course-clip on aero bars! image (60)

Once the bike was all ready, it was dark outside, so I had to wait until yesterday to ride it. John got home from work early, so he fit me for the bike, and then we headed out for just a short ride before dinner! image (59)

It was a very short ride, but enough to shift through all my gears, practice riding in aero position, and in road bike position, AND practice with my fancy new seat post. Guys, you can actually shift the bike seat from aero position (more forward and low) to road bike position (higher and back) WHILE YOU’RE BIKING! It has a little hinge that you just push forward or back! SO cool!

Today, I’m taking it for a 2 hour ride/workout, so that’ll be the real test. But after my short spin, I’d say I’m in love! Her name is Annabelle. :)

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