First run post-marathon

Yesterday morning, I did my first real run since my marathon last Sunday! I took a week off of running, and decided to resume my normal routine this week. On Sunday, I did my typical 15 minute run after my long ride, but in my mind, a 2 mile run hardly counts as a run :)

Yesterday morning was my first real run scheduled for the week. I woke up feeling super tired (my husband has been snoring a lot lately), and debated going back to sleep. However, I told myself if I didn’t get my run in that morning, I wouldn’t have a chance to run again till Thursday. That got me out of bed :)

Since the longest I’d run since the marathon was a little 2 mile run on Sunday, I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel. During my biking and swimming, I’ve been feeling fine, but it’s hard to say how you’ll feel running until you RUN!  My scheduled workout was 3X8 minutes at half-marathon pace (for me, that’s 6:59-6:23 min/mile). For fresh legs, this would be a piece of cake. For a recovering marathoner, I wasn’t sure. John told me to just start off with 1 repeat, and see how it felt. I could decide from there whether or not I wanted to do the rest of the workout.

When I began my run, I was feeling pretty sluggish. (The 2 inches of snow we got over night probably added to that! Side complaint: On Sunday, I ran in shorts and a sports bra….Two days later: Full tights, running jacket, hat, and gloves!!)

The view out my back door this morning!

The view out my back door this morning!

Anyway, since I wasn’t feeling super perky, I decided I’d probably stick with 2 repeats and call it a day. I did my first one at 6:48 pace (the wind was at my back, so it was super easy). I turned around and headed back for my second one. The wind was now a full on head wind, so I was nervous about how I’d do. I finished it at a 6:50 average though, and still felt decent. Since I still had some energy after these two, I decided to complete the workout by doing the third repeat. This one I had a mix of head wind and cross wind, and even a hill, but I averaged 6:43 pace for it! Not bad for 9 days post-marathon!

I was noticeably more tired than I typically would be for that kind of workout, but I don’t think I’ll have any problem jumping back into my training. Are any of you recovering from a race or working back into your training routine? How is it going?

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