First Triathlon of the Season!

It’s race week, everyone! On Sunday, John and I will be doing our first triathlon of the season! We will be competing in the Deer Creek Olympic Triathlon. As this will be our first race of the season, we are using it strictly as a practice race-mostly to work out the “kinks” before our half Ironman later in June! Still though, this is a race, and I plan to treat it as such. :) However, since it’s designed to be practice for me, I do not have a time goal, nor have I been tapering this week. As John says to me all the time “there’s no point in tapering for a race that is there just to take the place of a workout.” Well, fine then. :) But he’s right-typically on Sunday, I do 3.5-4.5 hours of working out, so an Olympic Triathlon should be “easier” than my usual Sunday workout.

I am making some adjustments to my weekly training plan though. You may recall that I typically do my long run and swim on Saturdays and my long bike ride on Sundays. Given this race is only about 25 miles of biking, I clearly need to do a longer ride mid-week. Also, I don’t really want to destroy my legs by running a 16 mile workout the day before this race either. SO, I’m doing my long run TODAY, and my long bike Friday. I’ll still keep the swim on Saturday’s schedule. This should give my body enough time to recover for it’s next onslaught. :)

The first thing I need to mention about this race is the shirt. Um……..well it’ll make a good training shirt-I do like fun shirts to run in! Although I might blend in with the trees! I don’t think I’ll be wearing it out for a nice evening though. :)

Ok, enough of that-on to the race. Since this IS a race, no matter how “insignificant”, I’ve still done my research on the course, I still plan to practice transitions thoroughly the day before, and I still plan to do a typical race warm-up the morning of the race.

Speaking of the course, here’s what it looks like:

It starts off with a 1,500 meter swim that is two laps of 750 meters each. PERFECT! I love two lap swim courses! No, seriously, I do! Swimming is all mental for me, so if I see a HUGE distance I have to cover, that psychs me out-it’s easier for my brain to handle a smaller course that I have to do twice. :)

Next up is a 40k bike (approximately 25 miles). ALSO a two loop course. This isn’t as much of an excitement to me as finding out about the swim, but I do enjoy two lap bike courses as well because the second time around I can encourage myself by knowing exactly where the finish is. :) Also, given this is a short 25 miles, I can try and sprint the second loop! However, I’ve heard from a friend that the bike ride has three large hills at the end-so I’m assuming I have to do these twice…which means six large hills. Sad. BUT, at least I can mentally prepare ahead of time. :)

Last is a nice little 10k run (6.2 miles). This is a lovely out and back run (no need for more than one lap for such a short distance so I’m glad it’s only one!) Supposedly it is a flat course that contains a small grassy patch. I’m never opposed to running on grass, so it should be fun!

I’m looking forward to the race, and am excited about the chance to “practice” with so many other people! That’s really what this race is for-give me the feel of racing without destroying my body before IM Syracuse 70.3. :)

Do you all have any races coming up?

I’d love to hear about them!

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