First workouts of 2015!

This week, I began my first workouts of 2015! I also began my 3rd season of triathlon training, and my 3rd season with Hammer Nutrition as my sponsor! I’m very excited to finally be starting workouts again!! I’ve just been doing “maintenance” training for the last 3 months, so I’m dying for some excitement now! Unfortunately, my first week of workouts, is also the COLDEST week of the year! Yesterday I was supposed to run, but it snowed 6 inches over night and none of the roads were plowed, so I skipped my run. Now tomorrow, my next scheduled run, is forecasted to be -4 degrees! It looks like I’ll be having my first indoor run of the year :/

So the workouts that I HAVE done this week are lifting, swimming, and biking. I had my first lifting and swimming workouts on Monday! It was good to be back in the gym again after 3 weeks off lifting! My usual lift routine typically takes me 50 minutes to complete, but the gym was extra packed (January-gym-goers), so it took me over an hour to finish! That’s ok though, it was nice to see all the people trying to improve their health and fitness! In the evening, John and I went to the pool for my first swim workout! I did 2x400m/100m pull between sets, 2x300m/100m pull, 2x200m/100m pull, with 100m kickboard warmup and cooldown! Then after the swim, the hubs and I went out for a date! I did my nails all fannnnnncy! Check em out! image1 (2)

My cousin is a Jamberry consultant, so I got them from her! I like being able to workout and not have to worry about chipping my nails! Now I can be an athlete AND a girl :)

My bike workout was this morning! I was nervous because I’ve only been doing 1 hr easy rides, and this was a 90 minute HARD workout. I sucked it up and made it through perfectly though! I’ll probably be pretty tired tonight, but it was worth it!

Got my workout done in the comfort of my bedroom!

Got my workout done in the comfort of my bedroom!

What do your workouts look like this week? 

Do you do speed training?

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