Five Things Friday: 5 Things I did this week

This week was a little different for me since it’s a recovery week (first one in a LONG time!). So here’s 5 things I did this week that aren’t typical events.

1. Spent 5 hours weeding my gardens!!

Among this, I also discovered that what I thought was summer squash as ACTUALLY butternut squash! John and I planted our garden in the spring and thought for sure we planted summer squash seeds. Even the plants appeared to look like summer squash, but what is coming out of the plants sure resembles butternut squash! Oh well, now we’ll have a garden vegetable in the fall! Never ending saga of first time gardeners…..we are learning though! IMG_1216[1]

2. Made a new edging border for our mailbox “garden”. 

I love it!

I love it!

3. Made Cucumber kimchi! 

If you’ve tried cabbage kimchi and hate it, I recommend you try cucumber kimchi. It’s sooooo good! Spicy, but doesn’t have the fermented taste that cabbage kimchi has. I made a batch on Tuesday night and we ate it up so quickly that I had to make another batch last night!

Cucumber kimchi!!

Cucumber kimchi!!

4. Worked a high school pole vault camp

As I’ve mentioned, I have summers “off” work, but occasionally I’ll pick up a sports camp to earn a little extra money. Since I don’t have much training to do this week, I figured it would be good to work a camp so that I’m not bored! This one has been pretty easy-7 hour days, and I only have to take care of 9 kids. Not too bad! IMG_1219[1]

5. Reminisced about crewing for the Vermont 100 race last year!

This may sound lame, but I spent a lot of my free time this week thinking about this time last year when we were prepping to crew for my brothers in-law and my friend Jaime as they ran their first 100 mile race. This was my first time ever crewing for runners and being on the “other side” of a race, but it was SO MUCH FUN! This year, my friend Jaime is doing it again, and my sister, her husband, and my brother will be crewing for her. I’m sad we can’t be there, but I’m excited to hear all about it come Sunday morning! 57905_823516994594_1105911515_nSo that was my week!

What fun things did you do this week?


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