Five Things Friday: Why I love owning dogs!

Today on Five Things Friday, I want to talk about why I love owning dogs! If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed that my husband and I now have TWO dogs! I thought this would be crazy and hectic (which of course, it is!), but I absolutely LOVE it (and them!). Here are my top five reasons why I love these fluffy babies.

#1. Super cute!

Ok, this isn’t necessarily my top reason why I love them, but I mean, look at them! They’re so cute!! It’s just really fun having cute, snuggly doggies. :)

Look how sweet they are!

Look how sweet they are!

#2. Running buddies!

Both Mya and Durango LOVE to run! And they’re both excellent on a leash! They both run right beside me at whatever pace I’m going for the whole run! They don’t run together with me yet though. Durango is still a little spazzy about cars, so I take them out separately. I’ve been taking Mya out for my warm-up, bringing her back, doing my workout, then taking Durango out for the cool-down. Works out pretty well, except the one left behind always misses me! Yesterday, Durango barked and waited for me at the door the whole time I was out. Poor thing :( Since it’s cold out, I usually only take them for 1-2 miles at a time. Also, chubby Durango still needs to get in shape! He was super tired after our first 2 mile run on Sunday!

All tuckered out after his run.

All tuckered out after his run.

3. Companionship

They are both such great companions to my husband and I! Mya favors John, and Durango prefers me. But they both love both of us! And, it’s great to be greeted at the door by two slobbering dogs when you get home from work!

Snuggles. Ignore Mya's look--she hates cameras :)

Ignore Mya’s look–she hates cameras :)

4. Protection (hopefully)

I’d like to turn them into guard dogs to an extent. Mya will bark if there’s an intruder, but then run away. So far the only barking Durango has done was when he was sad about me leaving. We’ll work on that. :) However, Durango does appear to guard whatever room I am in. He will sit just outside the door and watch both the room I’m in, and whatever’s outside it. Sweet boy!

5. Playmates

This is specific to why I love having TWO dogs. They can play together! Since they are brother and sister, and they knew each other before coming to live with us, they already enjoy playing with each other! Mya especially loves having Durango around to jump on, bite, and kiss. :)

Mya after jumping on her brother.

Mya after jumping on her brother.

Do you have dogs?

Are they also your running buddies?

How have they made your life better? :)