Five Things I’m doing before Muncie 70.3

Muncie 70.3 is TOMORROW! We are getting ready to drive there today, but I have much to do before we leave! Since it’s “Five Things Friday”, here’s five things I’m doing before we head to Muncie!

1. Seeing my chiropractor! I’ve had THE. MOST. BUSY. week! I’ve been needing to go to the chiropractor since Monday, but have been working 14 hour days until yesterday (when the chiropractor office was closed), so first thing this morning (after posting this), I’m headed over for a much needed adjustment!!

2. Planning out my nutrition for race day! Whenever I have a race far enough away to spend the night in a hotel, I always put my nutrition all together and mix my drink powders at home before heading to the hotel. This way, I know I have water that I like, and everything is all ready to go for race day! IMG_0919[1]3. Finishing my laundry! When you work non-stop all week, sometimes you have last minute laundry to do before leaving for your race. :)

4. Packing my gear for race day. I have this handy triathlon check-list that I follow for every race. It helps me pack what I need efficiently and not worry about forgetting something! image (35)5. Taking cold medicine! That’s right, I’ve developed a nasty cold this week! It started Sunday with an ear ache, and it’s gotten progressively worse all week. :( I’m seriously hoping I somehow wake up feeling fine tomorrow!!!

Do any of you have a race this weekend?

Anyone ever run a race while sick? 



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