Friday Five: 5 Goals for the Remainder of 2014

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The topic this week is Goals. At the beginning of my triathlon season, I posted about my goals for this year, so I thought I’d check in on my goals and establish some new goals for the remainder of 2014!

At the beginning of my season this year, I had three goals: 1) To qualify for 70.3 World Championships, 2) Complete a 70.3 in 4hrs, 45 minutes, and 3) to PR in the half Ironman distance. Two months later, I have accomplished 2 out of the 3 goals. I have qualified for Worlds!!!!!! This was the most important goal for me. :) Also, I PRed in the 70.3 distance. However, I did not attain my goal of 4hrs, 45 minutes. Another time perhaps. :) So, with that in mind, here are my 5 goals for the remainder of 2014!

1) Improve my 1.2 mile swim time by 5 minutes. I’ve been very frustrated with my swimming this year. I am much stronger/faster in the pool, but that hasn’t transferred to open water yet for some reason. My goal before World Championships is to improve my swim by 5 minutes (this mostly will entail learning to swim STRAIGHT). I’m looking to hire a coach to help me with this!

2) Have fun at 70.3 World Championships! I have no time goal for this race. It will be a hard one-very hilly bike ride, and very hilly run. I’ll be competing literally with the best in the world, so I have no hopes of placing well. I just want to have fun and enjoy the experience!

3) Place 1st Overall Female in a 5k. 1912000_1445763932327276_900020928_oWednesday night, I signed up for this local 5k that my cousin is the race director for. I honestly only signed up to support her, but I figure as long as I’m doing it, I may as well try and win! I have no idea what my 5k time will be because I haven’t race one in 4 years!! This will likely be a fairly small race though, so I think I have good chance of doing well.

4) Join the Ohio River Road Runners Club (ORRRC). logoThis is a running club in my area. They do SEVERAL races throughout the area varying in distances and terrain. A lot of the races are shorter trail runs, but they also have ultra-marathons, and a marathon (I raced it in April this year). Their membership is pretty cheap though, and their races are either free or SUPER cheap for members! I’d like to start getting involved in the local running community this fall and start investing in just local races!

5) Get into road biking and group rides! image (46)Now that I’ll have my road bike in a couples weeks, my goal is to start working on my biking skills by doing group rides. I’ve only had a triathlon bike for the last two years, and it’s too dangerous to ride in a group with a triathlon bike, so I’ve been doing all my rides either solo or with just one other person. I’m excited to improve my biking by having a group to workout with!

So there’s my goals for the rest of the season!

What are your goals for this year? Have you achieved some of them yet?

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