Friday Five: 5 Things I Love About Running

It’s Friday! I’ve never been more excited for the end of the week! It’s been crazy with my first week back to teaching, AND it being my peak week for training! I’m excited for two easy recovery days this weekend! This week, the Friday Five topic is 5 Things I Love About Running! dc_linkup

I talk a lot about triathlons on this blog, because that’s what I’m currently racing, but running was and IS my first love. :) Here is why I love it so much.

1) Running clears my head like nothing else can! I can leave for a run with a thousand things on my mind, and by the time I’ve returned, I’ve sorted all of those things out and am perfectly relaxed! It’s the only thing that keeps me sane. :)

2) Running has helped me meet some really awesome people and experience some really cool places! From the various races I’ve done both locally and afar, I’ve gotten to meet some cool people through running! I’ve also gotten to see some pretty awesome places through running! My favorite thing to do when I travel, is to run in the area and do some “running tourism”!

Running in Washington State

Running in Washington State

3) Running allows me to indulge in my ice cream habit. :) Let’s face it….I LOVE ice cream. Running makes me feel absolutely no guilt when I have a bowl….every night. :)

4) Running is something that doesn’t require much equipment at all to do! It’s literally the “easiest” hobby to get into because all you need are shoes! Yes, there are fancy gadgets you can buy and expensive clothes. But all you really need are shoes; literally anyone can get into it! image (15)

5) Running makes me happy! I’m not talking about the “runner’s high”. Actually, I can’t exactly say I’ve ever experienced the “runner’s high”. I’m just saying, when I’m running, I’m really happy. I feel like I’m doing what I was made to do. And I am!

Running in Barcelona, Spain!

Running in Barcelona, Spain!

Do you love running?

Tell me what you love about it!

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