Friday Five: 5 Things I Love About Summer

This week, in Ohio, it seemed to turn summer over night! Oddly enough, the day I finished having to go into work every day for a whole workday was the day it “became” summer! What perfect timing! So, because of that, the last two days I’ve been thinking fondly about 5 things I love about summer!

1) I don’t have to work……much. Seriously, being a faculty member at a University has its PERKS! I still have to prep for classes in the fall, attend the occasional meeting, and work a few camps, but for the most part, I am a free woman!

2) I get to dress like this. Can there be anything better than raggy tank tops and shorts! :) image (17)3) I don’t have to set an alarm! At least most days I don’t… I still don’t sleep in late, but it’s just so nice to finally wake up ON MY OWN! Also, this way, I get to do my workouts later in the morning when I’m actually awake-what a treat! :) P.S., yesterday I had a great run! My new shoes seem promising!

4) I get plenty of time to weed my gardens and plant new flowers! So pretty :) image (16)5) Last, but not least, my house is always clean. :) When you go from working 40+ hours a week to like 5 hours a week, there’s a lot of time to clean. I love having a clean house-I don’t love cleaning it, but when there’s time to do it, I very much enjoy the end product! Notice I didn’t post a picture here-currently my house is NOT clean, but that’s on the agenda for today!! 😉

What do you love about summer? Do you get to take any time off to enjoy it? Is it finally feeling like summer in your area? I hope so!



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