Friday Five: What’s New?

This week on Friday Five, I’m talking about what’s new! dc_linkup

It’s sad to say, but what’s new this week is it’s my last week of summer! It’s time to say goodbye to vacation! ;( Now that it’s August, I officially start back at work. The first couple weeks will be light, thankfully; but after that, it’s full speed ahead for several months!! For my Friday Five this week, I’m listing 5 things I did on this, my last week of summer….

1) Enjoying my late morning/afternoon bike rides! 10513369_789021421150329_2535614253140457099_n

After this week, it’s back to early morning workouts :( Sigh, I like working out in the morning, but it’s also reallllly nice sleeping in and still getting to workout!

2) Spending time with my brother! 

He's been working on cleaning out his items stored in our attic :)

He’s been working on cleaning out his items stored in our attic :)

My brother is visiting us this week before he heads to Saudi Arabia to teach English at a University! It’s been fun hanging out with him.

3) Digging up sod for a new garden! image (57)

Yes, ANOTHER garden! This one is going to be another vegetable garden. We won’t actually plant until next year, but we want to dig up the sod and dirt now and get it all laid out. It’s hard work! I actually might be READY to go back to work after spending several days this week digging sod! :)

4) Hosting friends!

During the summer, we love having friends over for cookouts! Wednesday night, we had a group over, and I made some awesome dessert bars!!

5) Relaxing! image (56)

I’m enjoying my last few precious moments of lounging on the couch!

What do you have on your list of things to do before the summer ends?

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