Furry Skurry 5k Race Recap

On Saturday, I decided to do the Furry Skurry 5k. This is a race to benefit the humane society in our area. Since our dogs are rescue dogs, I felt the cause was close to home. :) Also, they allowed/encouraged dogs to run with you! So, I decided to take Durango with me as my running buddy! Mya is a much better distance runner than he is, but he tolerates crowds better than she does, so he was the best option. :)

We got to the race an hour early so I could get our registration packet, and so we could warm up. Durango’s digestion speeds way up when he runs, so I wanted to make sure he had plenty of opportunity to empty himself before the race started so we wouldn’t have to stop several times during the race. 😉 We warmed up about 3 miles (in hind site, that was probably too much for him, but he WAS able to start the race nice and light!).

All warmed up and ready to go!

All warmed up and ready to go!

After warming up, we headed back to the car to get a drink. Durango was now too distracted to drink anything (TONS of people were at the race site by that point!). So we just went over to the starting area to wait. He started to get a little nervous because of all the noise, crowds, and dogs, so I had to pull him off to a slightly secluded area and comfort him a little. Then, right before the race was going to start, we went over to the start line and I moved us up to the front so he was less scared.

Happily standing at the start line. Not knowing what was about to happen. :) (I'm in the bright yellow shorts and shoes)

Happily standing at the start line. Not knowing what was about to happen. :) (I’m in the bright yellow shorts and shoes)  **Courtesy of Race Photographer

He seemed pretty content at the start line…. until the race started. He didn’t want to run!

What is happening Mommy????  **courtesy of race photographer

What is happening Mommy???? **courtesy of race photographer

Several people went by us before we crossed the start line, and by that point, he was so terrified and thought people were chasing him, so he started sprinting and running all over the place! I thought for sure we would kill someone or be killed…. Thankfully I was able to get him over to the left side and he calmed down a little. However, he was still going a 7 minute mile (which is way faster than my preggo self is used to now!).

I let him go that pace because I knew once he got comfortable, he’d slow down. Well, he didn’t really slow down much! Once we got out of the crowd, he slowed to a 7:30 pace, but that is still pretty fast for him to hold for 3 miles! The race started to get a little more relaxing until we got close to the turn-around. Then I realized the race was out and back. On a bike path. With over 500 participants. The leaders were now coming back on the left side (where we were). I had to quickly move us out of the way and convince Durango it was ok to run on the right side of the road (he’s trained to run on the left).

Pretty much my life during the race....looking backward while running forward.... :)

Pretty much my life during the race….looking backward while running forward…. :)   **courtesy of race photographer

Thankfully we got to the turn around in one piece. I thought it would be easy cruising the whole way back, but all 500 people behind use were in large clumps taking up most of the path! Poor Durango was super nervous, so I ran in the grass most of the way back with him running directly behind me….this slowed us down a bit, though we were still doing sub-8 minute miles.

I was the first female until about a half mile left. Durango started getting visibly tired, so I had to slow down a little for him. Then, unfortunately, he had to take a potty break, so a female passed us at this point. My poor boy was too tired to catch her, so we finished the race about 30 seconds behind the lead female. However, I was the first female with a dog, so I think that should count for something! :) It’s HARD running a race with a dog!! We finished with a time of 24:02, 2nd female, and 15th place overall (out of 512 participants).

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Will I do it again? Well, there is another dog race in a week and a half that I was considering. However, with my belly growing by the minute, there’s no guarantee I’ll be up for running a race with him (potentially at that pace again) by that point. I have to register by today to get the discount, so I don’t think I’m going to risk it. I love running with him, and I want to race with him more, but I think it would be safest to wait until I’m not growing a baby. :) Both dogs will still be my running buddies as long as I’m running during this pregnancy; just not my racing buddies. :)

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