My Gear

Here is a list of my favorite triathlon gear. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them!

Garmin 910XT-this is my triathlon watch. I absolutely love it! I got this when I first started training for triathlons, and it helped me so much! My favorite part about it is it has the ability to track running, biking, AND swimming. I can also program my workouts into it and set up alerts for heart rate and pace zones!download

Wahoo KICKR Trainer-This is my new trainer as of Oct 2013. If you are considering getting a programmable resistance trainer, get this one! You control the resistance with your Iphone, and it is so smooth! Also, one perk I like is that you don’t use a back wheel. The cassette is actually built into the trainer.image (1)

Hammer Nutrition Gel Flasks-I love these for my long bike rides! I just fill them with 5 servings of gel, tuck it in my pocket, and I’m good to go for 4 hours!images

Current Shoe Rotation:

I am currently running in Saucony’s Virrata


Of course I do most of my training, and all of my racing in my Hammer Nutrition clothing. However, I do also like the Pearl Izumi elite in-r-cool shorts and tops for biking, and I prefer Brooks and Nike for running wear!943767_806734127594_743707173_n

Supplements and Fuel:

Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem-this is by far the BEST fuel for long distance events. It comes in a powder that you mix in water. It is helpful for replenishing electrolytes, but also in maintaining your caloric intake. I prefer the Strawberry-Vanilla flavor.

Hammer Nutrition Gels-these are a staple in any run/ride lasting longer than 1.5 hours. I love these gels because they never give me stomach pains because they contain all natural ingredients! Also, they taste pretty good too-my favorite flavors are huckleberry and raspberry.

Hammer Nutrition Recoverite-this is my secret to not having sore muscles! This too is a powder that you mix in water. You take it after a workout or long run/ride, and it replenishes your electrolytes and protein loss. I immediately feel better after drinking this, and it seriously minimizes if not eliminates soreness!








Water Bottle Holder: Xlab Gorilla XT-this is my water bottle holder. I love these because they really grip my bottle, so I don’t have to worry about it falling out when I hit a bump!

Front Hydration System: Xlab Torpedo Mount Carbon and Speedfil Z4-if you are wondering what water bottle and mounting system to get for your tri bike, THIS IS IT! It’s super functional and aerodynamic. image (2)

Frame Hydration System: Speedfil Standard Aero-I love this hydration system because it fits so much water! In my Ironman 70.3, I didn’t have to fill it up at all during the race! Also, it’s super handy because when you do need to refill, you can just pour a bottle into the open flap area-saves A TON of time! image (3)

Gear Box: Tennis Ball Container-I’m serious, I put my bike tools in a tennis ball container! It fits right into my water bottle holder, and it holds all the tools I need. Technically, it’s the most aerodynamic position! It gets a lot of comments from fellow racers too :) image (5)

Tri Bike Shoes: Pearl Izumi Tri Fly III. I don’t have a strong opinion about these shoes. They have served me well, and I like how easy they are to get on. Other than that, there’s nothing really special about them :)image (4)

Swim gear:

-I like to use the standard kick board, pull buoy, and paddles. In addition, I just began using the “halo bench” for form training and strengthening. image