Healthy foods in 2014

I mentioned in my New Year’s post, that I wanted to start trying to eat more healthy foods in 2014 to help add GOOD calories to my diet. Last year, I found with my training schedule, that it was incredibly difficult to intake the amount of calories I needed with just my normal meals-I was adding a lot of ice cream, donuts, cookies, and anything else I could get my hands on! This year, I want to build more muscle, and focus on eating foods that will help my body. Just because I can eat ice cream without gaining weight, doesn’t mean I should do it every day :)

So here’s some things I’m trying…

Eating more avocado! Avocados are high in GOOD fat, and they keep you full longer than bad fatty foods. My sister suggested putting it on my sandwiches, so that’s what I’ve started doing!




Eating more yogurt. I plan to substitute this instead of snacks or desserts. I prefer Stonyfield yogurt, but there are a lot of good kinds out there :) image-5


Along with yogurt, I’m trying to have more fruit instead of ice cream. I personally love frozen grapes, so that’s what I’ve been eating as a snack in the evenings.

Lastly, I’ve started eating more nuts and trail mix if I need a snack between breakfast and lunch. I just got this kind from Sams Club this past weekend-it’s pretty good!  image-4


So with those food substitutions, I’m hoping to gain some muscle, not loose weight, and feel overall more energetic! We’ll see how it goes :)

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